WATCH: This Gay Man’s Response To Indiana’s Legalized Discrimination Will Make Your Day (VIDEO)

In a brilliant response to Indiana’s legalized discrimination law, aka the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a gay entertainer named Randy Rainbow released a YouTube video that needs to be seen by every single person…in the world.

Beautiful in its simplicity, powerful in its message, and absolutely hilarious, Randy Rainbow puts into words and music exactly what many of us have been thinking for the last week.

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F**k you, Indiana.

After watching the news, reading the articles and marveling over how anyone in their right mind could possibly support such an archaic law. Governor Mike Pence says it isn’t about discrimination, yet when asked by George Stephanopoulos if it is now legal to discriminate against gay people in Indiana, he sidesteps the question, many times, and basically refuses to answer. One question he did answer was if he intended to add LGBTs as a protected class under anti-discrimination laws. He said that was absolutely “not on the agenda.”

It’s a shame that the people of Indiana have to suffer because of Mike Pence and the gaggle of idiots he hangs with. Hopefully they’ll remember it come election time.

Watch this gay man’s ridiculously funny response to Indiana’s legalized discrimination.

H/T: Randy Rainbow’s YouTube Channel | Image: Screen Capture

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