WATCH: This EPIC Mockery Of Trump Will Leave You In Hysterics (VIDEO)

With all the negativity surrounding Donald Trump and his hate mongering, this video could not have come at a more perfect time.

Spreading  Islamaphobic rhetoric and conjuring up lies about Mexicans, sure seems like a full-time job for Trump — and he’s working overtime. I mean, it takes a fully committed loon to suggest banning a religion based on the ignorance shared by himself and his fellow asshats.

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Trump’s recent rants during this festive holiday season sure make him a modern day “Ebeneezer Scrooge.” The mere mentioning of Trump and his heinous comments tend to make people cringe. So, DJ TheAreOhSee (ROC) decided to add some holiday cheer to his “Bah humbug!” spirit. What better way than to super impose his ridiculous ass face on a bunch of dancing elves.

Watch this beautifully wrapped and hand delivered comical masterpiece, by TheAreOhSee, for our liberal delight:

Featured Image via video screenshot

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