WATCH: This Bald Eagle Had Enough Of Trump — Hilariously Bashed ‘The Donald’ During Photoshoot (VIDEO)

A 27-year-old bald eagle named Uncle Sam took one for the team in August. While being forced to pose in photos with the egotistical Donald Trump, the American icon had clearly had enough. He gave Trump a “piece of his wing” not once but twice.

Time Magazine says of the encounter on their YouTube channel where the video has been shared:

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Last August, as Person of the Year runner-up Donald Trump was establishing himself as a real contender, the candidate agreed to pose with a bald eagle for a TIME cover story. The idea came from Martin Schoeller, the award-winning portrait photographer and frequent TIME contributor who shot the cover.

OMG! That face! Ha ha!


Trump agreed to pose with the bird, likely thinking he would look amazingly presidential with the iconic eagle. Uncle Sam had another idea, though.

The result: hilarity! Of course!

Watch the video of Donald Trump being bashed about the head by Uncle Sam, here:

Featured image via video screen capture

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