Watch This Adorable 4-Year-Old Girl’s FLAWLESS Response To Bully Who Calls Her ‘Ugly’ (VIDEO)

Siahj ‘Cici’ Chase went home after school and told her mother what had happened to her in school that day, when a little boy approached her and called her “ugly.” The mother, Sonya, was so impressed by the way her daughter handled the bully, she decided to take a video of it.

Instead of getting defensive, which is what a lot of 4 year-olds tend to do when called names, Cici took the high road and even added in a bit of humor for her pre-school aggressor when he wouldn’t go away.

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I didn’t come here to make ‘fashion statement.’ I came here to learn, not look pretty.

This didn’t deter the boy though, according to Cici. He then said she looked bad, again.

Cici didn’t back down:

Did you look in the mirror lately? Bye-bye now.

You tell em, Cici. Don’t change a single thing about yourself. 

Putting it into words doesn’t compare to how this little girl tells the story of how she stuck up to this bully, and ended up winning the day by remaining levelheaded. There are no words to replace her cuteness.

H/T: Leak | Featured image via You Tube screen capture

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