Watch: These Kids React To Gay Marriage Ruling — Hope For Humanity Restored (VIDEO)

We’ve heard the reactions from political pundits and talking heads about the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, probably so much now that it feels like old news. However, the most refreshing reactions have to be from these kids. Seriously, you will want to see the little guy at the end.

We often get really down about the prospect of the future. At least I know I do. It seems our world is often so polarized — there is so much hate and intolerance that we forget the hope that rests within the future generation.

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The guys over at Fine Brothers Entertainment decided to ask a group of kids what they thought about the gay marriage ruling and their answers are absolutely perfect.

Do you remember your own personal idealism when you were a kid? I know I do; hell, I haven’t given much of it up — that’s why I’m liberal. And, I see it in my own children.

Kids in general typically have a strong drive for justice and fairness. We teach them that, through the books we read and the lessons we teach. I think the majority of parents try to foster kindness, love, and acceptance in their children. Somehow between childhood and adulthood some of those ideals go by the wayside and we end up with a bunch of Republicans. (Okay, okay, I’m kidding. . . kind of.)

Well, if these kids are any reflection of the success of teaching those values, I’d say our future looks really bright. Not only are they extremely articulate, they have a phenomenal grasp of equality and the freedoms for which our country stands.

Watch the video here:

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