Watch The ‘Liberal Redneck’ Let Loose On Crazy Anti-Trans Target Protester (VIDEO)

Trae Crowder, the “Liberal Redneck” is at it again, spreading his special brand of wisdom in another hilariously insightful video. This time, he took on the whack jobs that seem to have come out of the woodwork to protest Target’s inclusive bathroom policy. In particular, he called out a woman who became Facebook famous this week when a video started making rounds showing her angrily parading through Target, waving her Bible and ranting about the devil raping children. . . With her kids in tow of course.

“People just can’t let this whole potty thing go,” Crowder began before mentioning the video of the crazed Christian “in Target, with the Bible, you know, just strolling through sporting goods, hollering about the devil raping babies.”

He then notes that the woman is a mother to 12 children, which, he says, explains why she’s “crazier than Michelle Bachman on bath salts.”

Fake Lord have mercy that’s a lot of trailer babies!” he exclaimed.

The Liberal Redneck goes on to answer the rhetorical question right-wingers like to throw out to defend their bigotry.

They say ‘well, I’m just standing up for what I believe, does that make me a bigot?’

Well,” he says with a laugh, “if what you believe is a bunch of wacky bigoty shit, then yeah, it totally does.

Crowder then addresses the conservative argument that their rights are being taken away and blows it out of the water.

Nobody’s trying to take your rights,” he explains. “We’re just trying to keep you from doing that to other people. I know you’re a white person in America, so I can see why you’d think this, but telling other people how to live is actually not a right you have.

The Liberal Redneck ends by saying that if you want to live in a country where laws are made according to the religion of the majority, you should consider living in Saudi Arabia.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Eww, they’re brown, gross,’” Crowder said. “But check it out: they love screaming, they hate books, they throw rocks at queers — you’d fit right in.

As usual, Crowder has hit the nail on the head in his absolutely hilarious fashion.

Watch the Liberal Redneck tear into the whack job Target protester:

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