WATCH: The Instagram Video Win Of The Week: Trucker Loses His Hate Flag In Traffic (VIDEO)

It may be somewhat controversial that this young man did what he did. He ran in traffic, which is dangerous, took someone else’s property, which is illegal, and denied a bigot their first amendment right to express themselves, which is unpatriotic.

It is also hilariously appropriate for today’s political climate, beautiful to watch, and if anyone knows this trucker send him my way and I will gladly reimburse him threefold for the cost of the rag that was stolen from him.

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Of course there’s the question of whether or not the Native American owners of Tribe Transport condone the placement of confederate flags on their property. According to their website, “Because of [their] heritage and beliefs, [they] have a strong commitment to improving the quality of life through economic, social, and environmental sustainability.”

Something tells me a company owned and operated by people who know discrimination and hate well may not be so concerned with a symbol of white supremacy being stripped from the back of one of their trucks.

Not that it matters. It’s gone, and the man who took it gets the “Charles Topher Instagram Video Win of the Week.”

The music it’s set to is an added bonus.

Watch a confederate flag get ripped from the back of a semi in traffic.


Featured Image via screen capture

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