WATCH The Daily Show Embarrass This Cocky 2nd Amendment Lawyer – Funny ‘Cuz It’s True! (VIDEO)

Few things are as satisfying as a smackdown on a 2nd Amendment nut.  This clip from “The Daily Show” is even more rewarding, as the nut in question is an attorney for 2nd amendment rights.

One would think an attorney would be intelligent and informed, but this guy is just another wingnut looking to put the rights of ammosexuals above the safety of our children.

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The topic is Florida’s ban on doctors being able to talk to their patients about gun safety. Jordan Klepper sits down with this lawyer and extracts some of the most hilarious conspiracy-laden rhetoric you’ll ever hear.

Doctors will put you on a list if you tell them you own a gun.  That will lead to the next Holocaust.  It’s so ridiculous you won’t believe your ears.

Even better is when Klepper sits down with a pediatrician and informs her she’s anti-gun, anti-American and will be responsible for millions of deaths.

It’s one of those priceless “what the H*ll are you talking about” Daily Show moments that will go down in history.

The lawyer feels the need to tell Klepper about all of the other kinds of ways children can die, and Klepper, with as straight a face as you’ll ever see, takes him to school and makes a complete fool of him.

A definite must see.

WATCH The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper make a complete fool out of this 2nd amendment lawyer:


Image: Screen Capture From Video

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