WATCH: The Biggest ‘Confederate Pride’ Fail So Far Caught On Camera (VIDEO)

It was unfortunate that it took a right-wing terrorist like Dylann Roof and the deaths of nine innocent people to spark a controversy that would cause the demise of the confederate rag. It was the only light at the end of that dark tunnel, a light the “not racist” racists keep trying to extinguish. Even still, with all of the proof that the confederacy was about what color the fingers that picked cotton were, they try to convince us that it’s all about “heritage.”

A group of bigots known as The Virginia Flaggers decided it would be a good idea on Saturday to rent one of those cool banners and attach a confederate flag to it. To prove they aren’t racist, they even decided to not at all mock the Black Lives Matter movement by attaching the phrase “confederate heroes matter” to the banner as well.

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Is it in poor taste to sail such a thing through the sky over the 57 percent black city of Richmond on a sunny Saturday morning? Of course not, it’s all about heritage.

The flight path took the banner over “monument row,” a tribute to such greats as Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Nathan Bedford Forrest. Do those confederate heroes matter? Absolutely not. They were traitors to their country who fought to keep slavery legal. Do they deserve to be compared to the unarmed black men gunned down by police supported by the BLM movement? Considering if they were alive today they’d be on the side of “comply or die,” the answer would again be “no.”

These people are bigots. Bigotry begets ignorance, which denotes stupidity, which makes what you’re about to see that much more hilarious. The Virginia Flaggers had this proudly posted on their page until the ridicule began. Now they just look foolish.

They blamed it on the pilot.

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Featured image via screen capture

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