WATCH: Texas Lawyers Musical Advice ‘Don’t Eat Your Weed’ If Pulled Over With Pot In The Car (VIDEO)

Texas attorneys Will Hutson and Chris Harris see a lot of people get snagged with pot in their car. They see most of these stops escalate; just by eating or hiding the pot, drivers can find themselves facing a Third-Degree Felony. This troubled the two lawyers, who decided to write a catchy song to remind folks not to turn that misdemeanor into a felony. Oh, it’s also their commercial.

In Texas, possession of up to two ounces of weed is a Class B Misdemeanor. Even up to a quarter of a pound is still not a felony. But, if you eat the pot or throw it out the window — even a roach — you have committed a felony. Not good. Too many Texans don’t know about this, which prompted Hutson and Harris to write the song and make the video, “Don’t Eat Your Weed.”

This and other videos the duo has made serve as ads for their services, as well as informing people. Their You Tube channel features “What The Hail Is Going On?” (fighting insurance adjusters) and “Please Shut Up” (your 5th amendment rights). They’re actually pretty decent singers, too.

Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

As the officer approaches,
You try to eat your roaches,
And you throw your weed out the door.

Tampering with Evidence,
Doesn’t make any sense,
Let the cops find your weed, (less than 2 oz)

In the current climate, getting pulled over can escalate into jail and even death. Everyone is jumpy, especially cops. Traffic stops are fraught with danger and can easily result in injury or death to the officer. In light of the shootings of police in Dallas and Baton Rouge, cops are likely to be jumpier than normal when pulling over a car. And, really, who can blame them? Keep that in mind if you’re stopped, please.

If you have weed in the car in Texas — and several other states — just leave it be. Even if you are searched, it’s only a misdemeanor. Hutson and Harris want you to remember that, so they made this charming video. Enjoy.

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