WATCH: Ted Cruz Tries Out For ‘The Simpsons’ (VIDEO)

If you never liked Ted Cruz before, well, join the club. And even though this impromptu video he made with BuzzFeed on June 30 might not earn him your vote, it will at least get your laughs. And plenty of them.

During a lengthy interview with BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins, Cruz bragged about his knack for social media and “successful memes(.)” Yup, a Facebook fiend with all the glitter of Twitter is he.

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This piqued the interest of Ben Smith, the site’s editor-in-chief, who asked the Republican senator and presidential candidate to branch out a little further in cyberspace. Cruz quickly accepted the offer to do a comedy video.

And I mean quickly. Right after being asked, “he very briefly prepped with his staff and then just killed it,” Smith said.

Cruz opens the video by telling of its theme.

With Harry Shearer retiring, I’m auditioning for any part I can get in ‘The Simpsons.’

And he milks it! If Mr. Smithers were an actual, live, non-animated human being, he would be Ted Cruz! He also cans Ned Flanders! The Texas senator does a passable Lisa, too, and you can practically see Ted’s hairline recede and eyes bulge out as he does a bravo performance as Homer. He even adds one from “Futurama,” the other cartoon by “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening.

Of course, how someone who thinks he’s qualified to lead the free world would have the time or interest to learn these characters so well … well, that’s another story. But at least the quack can act! See for yourself:

Don’t give Cruz too much credit for that impromptu performance, though. Back in his Harvard days, he was active in drama and performed in different plays, even taking the role of the domineering and panicky Rev. Samuel Parris in Arthur Miller’s play about McCarthyism, “The Crucible.”

And, yes, Harry Shearer – the voice of Mr. Burns, Flanders and Principal Skinner – is unfortunately leaving “The Simpsons,” its producers confirmed earlier this year.

But if Cruz passes the audition and gets those roles, maybe he and Shearer can fully trade places. Harry would make a far better candidate than Ted, after all, and better than all of the declared GOP candidates, too.

Featured image from BuzzFeed video

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