Watch Stephen Colbert Elaborate On His Dream Interview With Jesus (VIDEO)

Recently, Stephen Colbert sat down for an interview with John Dickerson, host of CBS talk show, Face the Nation that is scheduled to air Sunday.

Dickerson remembered Colbert telling an audience member that his dream interview would be Jesus and asked him what he’d ask Jesus if he got the chance.

I guess I would say, ‘Is this all there is? Is it all here are is there something afterwards? Is the kingdom of heaven around us and we do not see it, or if there really is — If I’m good do I get something? Or is it just being good what I get?’

These are pretty legitimate questions that I feel many people wonder. However, Colbert took it to a whole new level and was it hilarious.

Would you put in a good word with your dad for me? I love your mom, she’s so great. Does she ever talk about me? Is it bad to say that I think your mom is kind of cute? Is that bad?  Because as a Catholic boy, you know, in some ways you’re supposed to be as strong as a centurion, but as gentle as Jesus, and every girl should look like the Virgin Mary.

I suppose if I got a chance to interview Jesus, I’d probably ask how many times conservatives made him facepalm by twisting the Bible to suit their own hate filled agendas? Did your father really encourage Ben Carson to run for president or does he just have a sick and twisted sense of humor? Or  the million dollar question that has us all at odds: what is the proper way to put the toilet paper roll in?

Check out this clip from Colbert’s interview set to air Sunday on CBS:

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