WATCH: ‘Star Wars’ Actor Harrison Ford EPICALLY Burns Donald Trump During Interview (VIDEO)

Once upon a time, Donald Trump really liked Harrison Ford, but that’s about to change.

During a recent interview with The New York Times, Trump said that Ford was one of his favorite actors because he “stood up for America” during a fictional movie, “Air Force One,” where he played a president who threw a terrorist off of his plane:

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My favorite was Harrison Ford on the plane. I love Harrison Ford — and not just because he rents my properties. He stood up for America.

During an interview with Australian Channel 4 News, Ford — a lifelong Democrat– was asked what he thought about “The Donald’s” compliment and that’s when he epically mocked Trump for his stupidity:

Donald, it was a movie. It’s not like this in real life — but how would you know?


He’s right, though, Donald Trump has a hard time with reality and so do his supporters. I think it’s pretty safe to say Harrison Ford won’t be voting for the Republican Party’s imbecilic frontrunner.

Watch the epic burn below:

Featured image via video screenshot; h/t Winning Democrats

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