WATCH: SNL’s Kate McKinnon Pays Tribute To Ruth Bader Ginsberg In This Hilarious Impression (Video)

Ruth Bader Ginsberg may be 81, but with Kate McKinnon’s spot on caricature of the Supreme Court justice, she is spry, witty, and maybe a little bit horny!

Kate McKinnon is one of Saturday Night Live’s rising stars. She has done killer impressions not only of Ginsberg, but a Justin Bieber that you might have to do a double take on. As well as great send ups of celebrities from Hillary Clinton to Keith Urban. And this is on top of a growing number of created characters topped possibly by her outrageous and side-splitting generic characterization of an old Russian Woman named Olya Povlatsky.

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In this skit, McKinnon (Ginsberg) sends out zinger after zinger nailing people like Justice Scalia, issues like gay marriage and even the whole State of Alabama. She also gives us some disturbing visuals on what a scene with pop singer Bruno Mars look like if the two were alone.

Check out McKinnon’s great talent HERE:

And as an added bonus, definitely see her Olya Povlatsky character HERE:

And check out her range with this take on the classic movie Casablanca HERE:

Beyond the laughs, at 81 Ruth Bader Ginsberg is the oldest serving justice on the Supreme Court. She was only the second woman to serve and the first Jewish female judge on the Court. In her time she has has distinguished herself as a great legal mind winning over the admiration of her peers, even Justice Scalia has been known to praise her despite having differences in views.

When the time comes, we can only hope that her replacement will be able to live up to her long and honorable legacy.

Featured image via YouTube Screen Capture

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