Watch SNL’s Brilliantly Hilarious Mockery Of The Idiots On ‘Fox And Friends’ (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live really is about as awesome as it gets when it comes to brilliant mockery. They’ve had many targets and will continue to do so — no one is safe. This week, the late night comedy classic turned its attentions to the morons who make up the biased, ditzy cast of the Fox News morning show, Fox and Friends

In a discussion regarding the manufactured controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood, fake Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Vanessa Bayer) asks the rest of the cast, “Did you know that they’re selling baby parts on Snapchat?” Fake Brian Kilmeade (Bobby Moynihan) answered, “I saw the video, and it is stomach-churning, the way that rat dragged that baby down the stairs.”

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The really scary thing about this is that while SNL is obviously satire, these things could actually be said by the actual hosts of that particular morning show. No wonder it’s so popular with uninformed, dim-witted sheep.

Even funnier — in my opinion, at least — is when they were discussing the GOP’s struggle to find someone to replace outgoing Speaker of the House John Boehner. Completely ignorant of the purpose of having that position, Fake Brian Kilmeade said, ““I don’t know why they don’t let them all speak.”

Again, this is a completely plausible moment. These people know little to nothing about government and how it functions, yet someone they talk about politics on the air for a living.

SNL is brilliant, but it also points out uncomfortable — and often scary — truths. Fox News is the number-one cable news channel in the nation, which means a great many Americans get their political opinions from morons like Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

No wonder there are so many idiots in office.

Watch the hilarity below:

Featured image via video screen capture from Joe.My.God

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