WATCH: SNL Tramples The Ridiculous Gun Culture In America With This Perfect Sketch (VIDEO)

Sometimes a problem can be so ridiculously out of hand that there’s really nothing to do except laugh at how absurd it is. The American gun culture poses just that kind of dilemma. While it’s not at all funny to consider the number of people needlessly killed by guns every day in this country, it can be funny to put a real-life face to the idiots who think guns are the saving grace of our nation.

This Saturday Night Live sketch does all of that and more in just over a minute. Watch as a pregnant woman defends herself from tyranny as she’s wheeled past the maternity ward nurse’s station. The ultimate engagement should always include a semi-automatic handgun. What kind of father wouldn’t give a shiny new gun his son over a ballgame on TV to show how much he loves him?

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It is absolutely preposterous and absolutely perfect all at the same time. Say hello to America’s love affair with guns. Try not to laugh til you cry — you may never make it back.

Watch the hilarity ensue in the video below:

Featured image via screen capture

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