WATCH! SNL Rides Fine Line With Cut Skit On Ferguson Unrest (VIDEO)

Time + Tragedy = Comedy

It’s science. Given enough time, nearly any tragedy can be turned to comedy—given enough time.

It has to, otherwise, we would go insane. The question is, how much time has to pass before we can feel comfortable laughing?

SNL rode a fine line on Saturday night, with a sketch that was “cut for time.”

Although cut for the main broadcast, NBC posted the skit on their YouTube page Sunday.

According to Mint Press News:

[The sketch] features a St. Louis morning news team struggling to keep up the smiley, rise-and-shine routine even as protests surrounding Michael Brown’s death rage on. “Kip and Jenny,” Kenan Thompson and Cecily Strong, look like they wish they could be literally anywhere else on the planet.

The two trip over themselves with several double entendre jokes on race, several slips of the tongue, and James Franco as Chef Darrell Wilson (whose last joke falls remarkable flat).

The entire sketch came across as trying extremely hard to bring humor to an otherwise sad story. Perhaps to the point of being forced.

SNL has had a remarkable fall from grace over the past few years. With sketches like this, it is easy to see why.

Watch the video below:


H/T:The Mint Press | Featured Image: Screen Grab

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