WATCH: ‘SNL’ And Scarlett Johansson Spectacularly Spoof Baltimore’s Fan-Less Game (VIDEO)

This week the nation was focused on the death of Freddie Gray and the subsequent protests and riots that followed. Of course, after the dust settles we can always count on the good folks at Saturday Night Live to show us the funny side of things even when there seems like none. This week, the SNL cast decided to use the Baltimore Orioles game where there were no fans in the stands as their vehicle to have some fun.

The skit features Saturday Night Live regulars Keenan Thompson and Taran Killiam as the Baltimore broadcast team, along with host Scarlett Johansson, promoting the new Avengers box office smash as the sideline reporter.

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They manage to touch on a bunch of relative subjects, including racial tensions and the riots, using great punnage and double entendres to deliver the laughs. They also have some fun with some sporting staples like the “kiss cam” and “guessing today’s attendance.”

Sure, what is happening in Baltimore is serious business and life has been lost, but SNL reminds us that just for our sanity, sometimes, we need to have a little chuckle.

Enjoy the spoof below:

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