Watch Robert Reich COMPLETELY LAY TO REST, Once And For All, A Key GOP Talking Point (VIDEO)

Robert Reich, one of the world’s foremost authorities on Labor Policy, and Bills Clinton’s former Secretary of Labor, gives an explanation so good, and so funny, about a key conservative talking point concerning unemployment and the minimum wage, that it never gets too old. In fact, it should be in every liberal’s repertoire. It might even help you win a few debates – one can never have enough one liners.

At a town hall meeting in Seattle, he references a comment made by former U.S. Congressman Michele Bachmann, where she said:

The way we reduce unemployment, is if we got rid of the minimum wage completely.

Anytime you hear a conservative talk about how getting rid of the minimum wage will help jobs, all you need to do is channel your inner Robert Reich. Here is how he had the crowd roaring in applause:

Now….there is a certain diabolical logic to this. Maybe, if we were willing to all work for a nickel or a penny, perhaps we would all have jobs. In fact, slavery was a full employment system.

Do you see the absurdity? The goal cannot just be employment…the goal is employment with good jobs. To assume that the goal is just to get jobs by keeping wages down completely puts logic on its head.

Watch Reich throw a key talking point of the GOP down the the drain: 

H/T: Robert Reich | screen capture

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