WATCH: Rachel Dratch Has An Important Message About Safety In America (VIDEO)

I’m a parent. I can relate to trying to do everything in my power to keep my kids safe. We followed child safety seat guidelines in the car – in fact – my elementary school-aged children still use booster seats so their seat belts fit them properly. And, I’m far from being outside the norm when it comes to being safety focused. Our generation of parents are more safety conscious than those that came before us.

Yet, there is a huge elephant in the room – or restaurant. As we go through our days making sure helmets are adjusted, seat belts are buckled and unnecessary risks are avoided – something as simple as taking our kids out to eat can pose one of the greatest risks.

The “What Could Go Wrong” campaign calls attention to an issue that really should just be common sense. And, believe it or not, 93 percent of Americans think this issue shouldn’t be one at all – yet it IS an issue in over 40 states in our country.

Watch Rachel Dratch ask “What Could Go Wrong?” here

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