Watch: ‘Pickemup Trucks’ Wreck During ‘Confederate Flag Parade’ Because…Karma (VIDEO)

A pack of wild inbred confederate flag lovers decided to have themselves a ‘confederate flag parade‘ in Dalton, Georgia over the weekend. Apparently in Georgia having a racist-based parade to salute a symbol of hate earns you a taxpayer-funded police escort.

The hilarious video you’re about to see was filmed by a black man at a gas station who is just beside himself with disgust that this kind of thing is happening at all when karma comes to town and cause two of the beat up trucks in the procession to crash.

Oh, yes, it’s funny. Ridiculously funny.

A resident of the area, who wanted to be identified only as Nathan so these idiots don’t harass him, was driving with his boyfriend in the opposite direction and says they just missed the accident:

My BF and I were on the road when this happened. We missed the wreck by like 30 seconds. We were driving the opposite direction making fun of them, their busted up trucks, and the idiocy they were yelling out the windows as they drove.

Yes, it’s always the same with the teabillies that love that stupid flag. Piece of crap lifted trucks, there’s what looks like an ’88 Buick, the obligatory Jeep with tires worth 11 times what the Jeep is worth, and dented up SUV’s to round out the pack.

To watch a truck speed by way too fast and rear-end another, causing it to rear-end yet another is nothing short of karmic and comedic gold. With a police car right there it would have been nice to see how it turned out, as in a procession of a couple of dozen cars worth a grand total of $3000, insurance cards and valid driver’s licenses are most likely sparse.

There’s no official word on the extent of the damage from the collision, but preliminary estimates are at six bucks and half a roll of duct tape.

Watch these idiots wreck during their hate parade for the confederate flag.

H/T: Addicting Info (Thanks Shannon!) | Image: Screen Capture

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