WATCH: Obnoxious Homophobic Street Preacher Shut Down By 14-Year-Old As Crowd Cheers (VIDEO)

People were just trying to enjoy a nice, sunny day on Market Street in the beautiful town of Saint Andrews in Scotland, but a belligerent street preacher with an amplifier was having none of that. Although it’s hard to make out what he’s saying on the video, witnesses who sent the video to Joe My God claim the man was screaming about gay marriage ruining the economy.

This is when magic happens. 14-year-old Daniel Boyle decided to save the day with his bagpipes, and walks right up to the hate-monger — drowning him out with his bagpipes playing Scotland the BraveLaughing and cheering can be heard from the surrounding crowd. Police had been called about the amplified rant disturbing the peace (and ruining everyone’s day). They can be seen pulling up at the end of the video.

Boyle has been shocked at the way this video has gone viral. Apparently when annoyed bar patrons found out he had bagpipes in his dads car, they pleaded for his help.

Daniel said: “People were trying to get him to be quiet. I had my bagpipes in the car and someone suggested drowning him out with them so I got them and started playing.

“There was a crowd of about 200 people and everyone started cheering. It was great.”

Watch 14-Year-Old Daniel Boyle use his bagpipes to drown out the anti-gay street preacher:

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.

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