WATCH: Man Tries To Kick Helpless Dog, But This Happens Instead (VIDEO)

Surveillance video has surfaced of a man trying to kick a dog who is minding its own business and merely wagging its tail in public. But, instead of animal cruelty resulting, which is what would have happened had things gone as planned, a very different outcome results.

As soon as the man lifts up his leg, the fast acting pup moves out of the way. In a quick dose of karma, the man loses his balance and ends up face-down on the dirty pavement.

It’s not quite clear what compelled the unknown man to attempt striking the helpless animal, but one thing is for certain- this has so far gone viral on the internet, getting millions of views in days. Maybe, there is something to this thing called Karma.

Once you get over the fact that this is a bastardy inhumane act, it ends up being quite hilarious.

This is so funny, you are guaranteed to watch this several times, if not dozens of times, before it starts getting old. 

Watch sweet karma take its toll:

H/T: Liveleak | Feature Image: Youtube screen capture

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