Watch: Maher Mocks Trump For Pulling ‘Insane Sh*t Out Of His A**’

During Real Time,  host Bill Maher called out Donald Trump for having no regard for facts or truth. Trump continues to fabricate his own stats and figures while passing them off as facts because “he heard.” For example, Maher points out that at a rally, Trump told the crowd that the unemployment rate is actually as high as forty percent, when it’s actually 4.9%.

 We’ve gotten so used to Donald Trump and a candidate who pulls insane sh*t out of his a*s.

Just like his business ventures, when Trump lies he goes big! He doesn’t just veer away slightly from the facts to fit his own agenda, he does a complete 180 in order to create hysteria. Maher pointed that out when he broke down Trump’s unemployment claim.

Do you have any idea what America would look like with 40 percent unemployment? In the Great Depression, people were jumping out of windows and selling apples on the street.

Maher stated  that conservatives buy into Trump’s claims because of racism and their continuous need to blame President Barack Obama. Which is probably why it’s easier for conservatives to believe the unemployment rate is actually higher than ever.  Heaven forbid a Democrat President of African-American descent steps in and fixes the problems their poster boy, George W. Bush, created.

Watch clip below:

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