WATCH: Killer Mike On Bill Maher – ‘Bill O’Reilly Is More Full Of Sh*t Than An Outhouse’ And Other Wisdom (VIDEO)

When rap artist Michael “Killer Mike” Render showed up on Real Time With Bill Maher this week you just knew it was going to be special. Despite his name, Killer Mike is one of the most positive and entertaining conversationalists around. He is certainly one of hip-hop’s best voices and activists on issues like police brutality and social equality.

In this clip, Mike and Maher have fun piling on Bill O’Reilly’s “full of it” ways in hilarious fashion. Mike questions, “why do white people take him so seriously?” Later Mike simply and succinctly concludes “Bill is full of sh*t.”

After their fun with O’Reilly and Mike lamenting that he may indeed need to fight O’Reilly one day, Mike and Bill compare things like Christ and Tupac and their many “strange” commonalities.

Watch HERE:

Beyond the laughs though,it should be noted and celebrated what a great activist he is in Atlanta and around the nation for minorities and young people Killer Mike has been. Through his music and his activism, Mike has educated many on the facts surrounding racism and truths about black culture. He was even recognized and invited to the White House this April in recognition of his work.

Some of his best work however, has been his work at major universities like this question and answer session during a speaking appearance at MIT.

Check it out HERE:

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