WATCH: Key And Peele’s ‘Negrotown’ Is A Brilliant Commentary On Racism In America (VIDEO)

“Negrotown,” a new sketch by Comedy Central’s Key & Peele, takes a shot at racism in American society, and brilliantly hits the mark.

As the video opens, Keegan-Michael Key is walking through an alley at night, when vagrant Jordan Peele asks him for some spare change. Suddenly, a police cruiser pulls up, and, after a brief exchange, Key is in handcuffs, and about to whisked away. Peele crawls out from behind a shopping cart filled with his belongings, and tells the cop “I’ll take it from here.” The cop removes Key’s handcuffs, and Peele takes him on a “Through the Looking Glass” type journey to “Negrotown.”

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The video turns into a musical number, with Peele singing about all of the great things waiting in Negrotown. “In Negrotown, you can walk the street, without getting stopped, harassed, or beat,” he begins.

Cabs always stop for black men in Negrotown. You’re not followed when you’re in a store. You can wear a hoodie without getting shot. These are just a few of the advantages of Negrotown in Peele’s song.

At the end of the video, Key awakes, lying on the street, with the cop hovering over him. “Wait, I thought I was going to Negrotown,” Key says. The cop’s reply punctuates the sketch.

“Negrotown,” by Key & Peele is one of the best commentaries on racism to come along recently. It’s funny — but it’s not.

Here’s the video, via YouTubebelow.

(Caution: strong language):


Featured image via screen capture from YouTube

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