WATCH Jon Stewart’s Greatest Smackdown And Flash Of Genius (VIDEO)

With Donald Trump officially in the 2016 race for the GOP nomination and Fox News poised to be and even bigger Bullsh*t Mountain, it’s almost immoral for Jon Stewart to leave us now. Judging by Jon Stewart’s rapid aging descent into looking like Richard Lewis, one can only conclude that wickedly lampooning our never-ending horror show of a political system really takes a toll on a mere mortal (I know this). But really–where will we get an unvarnished and brutally honest glimpse into the lunacy of our media and democracy?

One can only hope that Jon will pull a Jay Leno  and decide to come back, as who wants to hear or see anyone else behind that cherished desk–not least of which someone who hasn’t lived in our country long enough to have any real insight into mocking it. (Unlike Jay Leno, folks will actually welcome Jon’s return.) Then again, the fact that Jon recently purchased a huge plot of land in his home state (and mine) of New Jersey to use as an animal sanctuary might suggest he’s looking to do new things.

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Now, Jon has had many critical moments of sheer genius and journalistic excellence (but with d*ck jokes) over the course of his illustrious reign as host of The Daily Show, but one can’t help but think his most cutting edge and revolutionary moment was when he brilliantly grilled CNBC host and financial guru Jim Cramer. The blind avarice of the banksters and casino capitalists on Wall Street had brought our economy to its knees and everyone was on edge, but nobody was actually providing any perspective on the cause of this economic abortion or going after its chief culprits.

–Enter Jon Stewart

Jon, with his ever keen ability to instantly (and eloquently) expose hypocrisy, spoke for most of America in March of 2009 when he famously grilled Jim Cramer on the Daily Show. Jon was relentless but still respectful–even making Cramer cry and admit to his shady and sensationalistic financial advice to REAL people. It was positively beautiful  and meant so much to a nation that had to watch greedy banksters not only receive any jail time for their malfeasance, but reap major bonuses during the wall street bailouts.

Watch this monumental smack-down and flash of genius below:


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