Watch Jon Stewart Skewer The Bigots Behind Indiana’s Anti-LGBT RFRA (VIDEO)

On Monday night, Jon Stewart returned to his anchor spot at Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” and immediately made up for lost time. Jon dove straight in to the recent Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and took no prisoners.

Watch below:

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In this clip, Stewart cleverly mocks the ridiculous and homophobic RFRA legislation by first pointing out that Indiana, like all other states, already had “religious freedom,” and quickly transfers into how the anti-LGBT language in the bill is the real issue here. Stewart brilliantly “recommends” that Indiana follow the NCAA model of exploiting instead of discriminating – “just call them student gays!”

Later on, he  finishes by showing the absurdity of comparing two people in love to the various hate groups like conservatives like to do, and essentially blow their argument out of the water.  After that,  he points out the reality that aside from this law and the various “corrections” that are being made, it is still 100% legal in most of Indiana (excluding Indianapolis primarily) to fire a gay person for being gay.

Yes, a small victory may be claimed by people who support LGBT causes, but there is still a mountain of work to be done. As per usual, Jon Stewart delivers that message perfectly.

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