Watch Jon Stewart Rip FL Marriage Equality Opponents Apart, Piece By Bigoted Piece (VIDEO)

On Jan. 13, Jon Stewart brought Florida senator, and potential GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio in as his guest on “The Daily Show.” Instead of the usual introduction, Stewart decided to lead into his conversation with Rubio by looking at the senator’s home state. The result is a Jon Stewart classic smackdown.

Stewart gets things rolling by saying, “My guest tonight, Senator Marco Rubio, from the great state, well, uh, from…” He stares off into the distance for a moment before finishing, “from the state of Florida.”

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Stewart explains he mentions that because of some of the things that have happened in Florida in the past. Plus, well, a map of Florida appears next to him, and Stewart says, “It really is just dangling there, isn’t it?”

That is followed by Stewart announcing “great news” out of the Sunshine State: same-sex marriage is now legal in Florida. He plays a clip of a same-sex couple getting married in Miami. That is followed by a clip showing protesters against same-sex marriage at a Florida courthouse. One protester tells a gay couple that same-sex marriage is “perversion.” That’s what gets Stewart rolling.

A shot of Mickey and Minnie Mouse appears, as Stewart quips:

A perversion is two giant rats living in sin for 80 years, that never age.

He also points out that gay marriage is the “law of the land,” and asks, “What are you going to do, cancel all courthouse marriages?” His question is followed by a news clip about three North Florida counties doing exactly that. Why have they stopped all weddings? The next clip answers that question. The counties don’t want court employees feeling uncomfortable about marrying same-sex couples.

Stewart astutely observes the irony, saying:

We don’t want to cause discriminations [sic] against county court employees, who don’t feel like following the law.

Stewart takes a look at the “fine citizens” whom counties seek to protect from same sex marriage.

A representative of the Florida Family Policy Council says that same sex marriage is “the end of gender in society.” Stewart plays a clip of a Florida wet t-shirt contest, and notes that, “If there is one thing that Florida has historically prided itself on, it is the strict preservation of gender roles. You as the lady, are the ‘sprayee.’ And I, as the gentleman, are the ‘sprayer.’ As the Lord intended.”

This leads to the heart of the segment, as Stewart says,

Let’s talk about some of the fine citizens you are trying to protect from the blight of legal same-sex marriage.

Anyone who watches the news regularly knows that the last few years have seen a succession of bizarre stories come out of Florida. Stewart’s clip of news footage features some of the bizarrest of the bizarre, such as the man who tried to shoplift a chain saw by putting it in his pants, or the rich Florida resident who adopted his girlfriend.

Stewart says,

Florida, you don’t get to judge others, when your state motto is, ‘If Darwin was right, we wouldn’t be here.’

But wait, there’s more. Stewart notes that we are only a couple of weeks into the new year, but he thinks he may have found the craziest Florida story ever. What is it? Check out the video, via Comedy Central.

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