WATCH: Jon Stewart OBLITERATES Kansas GOP Over Absurd Gun Laws And War On The Poor (VIDEO)

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! New laws give Kansas residents more freedom to gun owners, while adding another law that restricts how welfare recipients can spend the funds from government assistance. Yes, it appears the conservative state is actually trying to create a real life version of The Hunger Games.

“Kansas gun owners have shown that they’re responsible,” stated Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback.

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Though being responsible is hardly a reason to remove training, as Stewart points out. Being responsible is the “reason you allow your children to get a hamster,” and even then, he points out that you might want to have that shoebox ready in case things go wrong. At the same time, Kansas is a state that feels eight hours of training to own a gun is too much, yet requires 1000 hours of training for aestheticians.

Stewart hilariously noted,

You can never be too careful with hot wax and butt hair.

Atop of the newly unrestricted gun laws, Kansas also just passed a law to enforce restrictions on petty matters such as. . . anything fun, for welfare recipients. That’s right! Welfare recipients are now being told how they’re allowed to spend their money. They want to make sure that no poor people have any so-called luxury items or, “anything that might possibly bring joy into your life,” Stewart says.

Currently, Kansas receives $1.29 from the federal government for every dollar it’s residents pay in federal taxes, yet the state is still closing schools, cutting funding to museums, and cancelling infrastructure repairs because of “lack of funding.”

Stewart proposed a solution, to put restrictions on how Kansas can spend its federal money — the same kinds of “petty, unnecessary and insulting” restrictions Kansas places on its residents who receive government benefits.

Maybe they’ll motivate you to escape your culture of federal dependency,” Stewart said. “But until then, let’s see how you like being treated like the welfare queens you are.



H/t: Huffington Post | Featured image via video screen capture

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