WATCH: Jon Stewart Helps Texas Celebrate Its Gay Marriage Ban With A Slice Of ‘Hate Cake’ (VIDEO)

On the March 16 The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took on states that are using clever new laws to circumvent court rulings on gay rights and marriage equality.

Stewart takes a look at things such as Arkansas’ Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act, which forbids localities in that state from protecting the rights of gay citizens.

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While pointing out that even Walmart opposes the law, Stewart jokes:

Here’s a clue, that you might be on the wrong side of history. When even the company that had to be convinced not to lock up their Mexicans in their stores overnight thinks you’re out there.

Next, Stewart weighs in on what is happening in Oklahoma, where a proposal has been made to replace state issued marriage licenses with a certificate issued by clergy. “So Oklahoma wants to replace a civil institution with a religious one,” Stewart notes. “Which is, maybe I’m wrong here, Sharia Law.”

But, as Stewart observes, nobody does a better job at denying citizens their rights, than Texas. Recently, Texas conservatives celebrated “Faith and Family Day.” During that celebration, they dined on wedding cake, to recognize the ten-year anniversary of Texas’s same-sex marriage ban.

Stewart joins them for a slice of cake and quips:

Mmmmmm, this is the best ‘hate cake’ I’ve ever had! Tastes like moldy Bibles and the tears of the decent!

As usual, Jon Stewart tells the truth and makes us laugh at the same time. What are we going to do without him?

Here’s the clip, via Comedy Central:

Featured image via screen capture from Comedy Central

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