WATCH: Jon Stewart Goes Off: We Should Have Cared About Baltimore BEFORE It Was ‘On Fire’ (VIDEO)

“Elvis leading a herd of Orthodox Jewish unicorns through a city street – that would be hard to believe. This sh*t happens all the time!”

That was Jon Stewart chastising CNN’s Wolf Blitzer after showing footage of the CNN host acting surprised and commenting that what was happening in Baltimore was somehow unprecedented or even unusual. Stewart’s opening monologue last night was on time, spot on, and might be the best analysis of what is going on from anyone in what we call “the media.”

Stewart hardly limits himself to criticisms of Blitzer and CNN as he shows how basically everyone ignores inner city plights until they literally explode in front of our faces. He submits that maybe if we paid attention all the time we could avoid these tragedies.

Before anyone states the obvious – let me say that yes, it is sad that a comedian delivers when the media seems too incompetent to properly cover the story. And that’s kind of the point Stewart makes.

Watch HERE:

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