WATCH: Jon Stewart Compares Fox News To An 18-Year-Old- ‘You Spend 24 Hours A Day Jerking Yourself Off’ (VIDEO)

Following up on last week’s discussion on Fox News’ take on the-post Ferguson case, Daily Show host Jon Stewart mocks the network for still demanding appreciation for getting their stories right, telling the truth, and receiving high ratings.

Stewart starts by replaying a clip from Fox News host Megyn Kelly whining that, neither she nor the rest of the network’s staff would be called “heroes” for defending Officer Darren Wilson’s actions in the shooting of Michael Brown. Stewart says sarcastically:

They got it right 3 times in 10 years — those are solar eclipse numbers, people! Which is why I think it’s recommended you only watch Fox through a tiny pinhole poked in a piece of cardboard. You can’t look directly at Fox — it would indelibly burn your soul.

Stewart also points out that Fox News is “nothing but a rush to judgment in every situation,” after Kelly complained about being under appreciated by other media networks and then said that “they don’t care about them.”

After hearing their complaints, Stewart thought it was only appropriate to present the needy network with a whale-shaped cake to honor their so-called “accomplishments.”

“You know why? We think you’re a whale of a network,” Stewart says. “In that we’ve been chasing you our whole lives and just can’t kill you.”

Watch the hilarious clip with special guest, Star Wars creator George Lucas, below:

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