WATCH: John Oliver Shreds Televangelists Over Their Greed – WWJD? (VIDEO)

Anyone who knows John Oliver and his show Last Week Tonight, knows that he regularly calls out the worst aspects of our society in a way that is simply unparalleled, such as his recent epic takedown of Whole Foods.

This past Sunday, the topic was Televangelists The Church Industrial Complex, and its leaders sociopathic charlatan con-artists. As you can imagine, it did not go well for the Televangelists.

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Starting off with a collection of video clips of fraudulent preachers who were already exposed, claiming they could do things like make “midgets” grow, or cast out the devils that cause things like tumors, and Lupus, he transitioned into some of today’s juggernaut corporate TV ministries.

First was Creflo Dollar, who started a fundraising campaign to buy himself a 65 million dollar personal jet, because apparently God can cure your cancer for money, but he can’t buy Creflo a plane. Later, it showed a video of Creflo preaching about how people can’t stop him from dreaming about owning a jet to the ovations of his audience.

You cannot stop me from dreaming is not how you ask for 65 million dollars. It’s what you scream at your father when he tells you you’ll never be a Broadway dancer.

This was followed by another preacher bragging on tv about how he bought a jet, with cash, then a few weeks later bought another one at 3 times the price, while accusing anyone who questions it of just being jealous of him.

These frauds prey on the most vulnerable, poor, and sick among us. They use their desperation as a tool to steal their money, promising God will take care of them.

This brought us to Kenneth Copeland who is one of the biggest con artists of them all. This completely despicable person asked his congregation for 20 million dollars for a jet, promising it would only be used for church business. He called it a “prayer machine.” Almost immediately, the liar was caught using it to take private vacations. Nobody is surprised except for his followers.

Copeland also goes on TV and actually tells people WHO HAVE CANCER that spending their money on medical treatment will only poison their body. They tell these sick and desperate people to send their money to the ministry instead, and God will cure them.

Televangelists tell people who have cancer,  or need to use their money to do things like get an apartment, to send THEM their money instead, insisting God will take care of them afterwards.

Why would any sane person do this you ask? It is called the Prosperity Gospel. To sum it up, if you send the church a “seed” of money, then you will be able to “harvest” this back at multiple times the amount you donated and make a profit. For example: Churches tell people with credit card debt to take on more debt to make a donation, promising that god will miraculously erase the rest. These people are literally ruining the lives of these people in order to take their money.

This is ALL LEGAL, and tax-free as well. As long as you are a recognized non-profit or established church you pay no taxes on this. These sickening fraud mills drive the poor into further poverty by preying on their desperation, then do not even pay taxes to fund the social programs that WE pay for, in order to provide them with living assistance.

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