WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids To Explain Gay Marriage — And They (Almost Always) Nail It! (VIDEO)

The big news about same-sex marriage sweeping the land is a win for equality and shows that we as a nation are evolving socially. The fact that something that in reality affects a small but proud percentage of our population can be so profound for so many shows we may just be moving in a positive and progressive direction. With 63 percent of Americans in agreement that same-sex marriage should be accepted, a super-majority of the people is almost upon us.

Jimmy Kimmel decided to ask the next generation what they think. As always, when you’re dealing with kids, you get an innocence and an honesty that just can’t be denied.

While a couple of the kids just don’t know anything about it, because Avengers and dinosaurs are all the rage, most of them have insights that will make you smile, laugh and give you hope for the future.

Unless you’re a member of the Christian right. Then you’re just screwed.

Watch these kids give answers about same-sex marriage sure to enrage the Christian right:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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