Watch: Jim Cantore’s ‘Thundersnow’ Was Auto-Tuned And It Is Perfect (VIDEO)

The folks over at Schmoyoho have done something that won’t provide much consolation to our frozen friends in New England, but perhaps it can warm their bones with some humor.

While the northeast was getting hammered by some major snow, Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel was up to his normal, totally over-the-top weather reporting. This time it was from Plymouth, Massachusetts, as Winter Storm Neptune pounded away with wind, snow, and yes, even thunder and lightening.

The video of Cantore’s antics went viral with over three million views, so far. But, that wasn’t enough. Oh no. Now, we have something that much better — something that can only be described as a cross between The Lonely Island and, well, the very hyper Jim Cantore.

Cantore told NBC’s “Today“:

You kind of feel like you win the Super Bowl when you get thundersnow, because it’s just such a rare event.

While Maine contemplates what to do with their massive snow mound that may violate FAA regulations and Boston has a snow tea party, let’s at least try to enjoy the silver lining, which is Jim Cantore auto-tuned, going apesh*t over thundersnow.

‘That’s a two-fer! That’s a two-fer, baby!’

Thundersnow by Schmoyoho

Featured Image: via YouTube Screen Capture

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