WATCH: Jane Curtin DEMOLISHES Fox News On SNL Anniversary Show (VIDEO)

Weekend Update has always been the highlight of Saturday Night Live.  Some of the greatest actors and actresses to ever grace the airwaves have used the platform for hilarious parodies, insane guest spots and political incorrectness on an epic scale.

From 1976 to 1980 it was Jane Curtin’s turn to anchor Weekend Update, and the result is television history.

Jane made history again Sunday night when SNL aired its 40th Anniversary Reunion Show.  Together with Tina Fey (host from 2000-2006) and Amy Poehler (host from 2004-2008), Curtin and company put together five minutes of hilarious television that won’t soon be forgotten.

The highlight was the first two minutes, when the triumphant trio reminisced about how times had changed since they were at the desk.

When it was Curtin’s turn, she said:

Times have changed since I first sat at this desk.  For example I used to be the only pretty blonde woman to read the fake news.  Now there’s an entire network devoted to that.

When the Fox News logo appeared over her shoulder I almost passed out I laughed so hard.

While Curtin’s zinger was the highlight, the entire segment is absolutely hilarious.  The three wacky women were joined by guests who paid homage to the late greats Gilda Radner and Chris Farley, and the ending is absolutely classic.  Well worth the five-minutes to watch.

Kudos, Jane.  You made my night.

Featured Image: Screen Capture from YouTube

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