WATCH: Hilarious SNL Sketch Mocks Starbucks’ ‘Race Together’ Campaign (VIDEO)

While a truly good Saturday Night Live sketch is a rarity these days, occasionally, they do hit one out of the park which is what they did Saturday night when they made fun of the short-lived Starbucks “Race Together” campaign.

Starbucks’ campaign was doomed from the start. People go to Starbucks to overpay for coffee, not to discuss race relations with a 22-year-old barista. Fortunately, the coffee chain recognized how misguided the campaign was and pulled it before it potentially got really embarrassing.

Saturday Night Live didn’t pull its punches, though, when they imagined similar conversations happening at the auto parts/auto mechanics shop Pet Boys.

In the sketch, it showed one mechanic saying, “Listen, I support whatever people want to do, like if you’re a guy, and you want to be a girl, that’s great, but me personally? I could never cut my dick off.”

Two men behind the counter thought that a gay man was “lucky” for being able to use the term “that’s gay.”

Another mechanic said, “if you’ve got both parts down there, then be proud. If I had both, I’d be doing myself all day long.”

Yet another insisted that Ellen Degeneres used to be a man – and each customer was more uncomfortable than the last.

Here’s the video:

h/t: Raw Story|Featured image via SNL screenshot.

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