WATCH: HILARIOUS Parody Video Shows How Oregon Militia Went ‘Full Bundy’ In Record Time (VIDEO)

When America heard that the Bundy Militia took over a federal building in Oregon, we all took it pretty seriously at first. In a funny twist of fate, that seriousness has given way to pure comedy gold.

The federal building turned out to be a cabin in the middle of the woods. They decided to do this in the middle of freezing temperatures and snow. The supplies they took were laughable (it turns out you can’t eat bullets). And don’t forget the guy who was hiding from the government under a blue tarp.

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The first Bundy standoff was legitimately scary. Guns were being pointed at federal officers daily. We took this one equally seriously – for about 24 hours. Then it went “Full Bundy”.

To put it simply, this couldn’t be done in a funnier way than if someone made a comedy movie out of it. Luckily they did.

Watch what is easily the best representation of the failure of the Bundy Militia, in the hilarious video below:

Citizens for Constitutional StuffA message from Ammon Bundy.By Mark Fiore Animated Political Cartoons

Posted by Daily Kos on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Featured image via video screen capture

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