WATCH: Hilarious Grinch Parody Tells ‘How The Trump Stole Christmas’ (VIDEO)

This little rendition of a Christmas classic hits the nail right on the head.

Not only are you sure to get a chuckle when you see Trump depicted as the Grinch, but the lyrics describe Trump and his nasty ways perfectly!

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You’re a douchebag, Mr. Trump
I would smack you if I could
You said “Mexicans are rapists, but perhaps a few are good”
Mr. Trump!
If nothing you’ve said so far has killed your campaign…
then God knows what would!

When you frown it’s like a toddler trying hard take a dump,
You’ve set progress back a hundred years just getting on the stump
Yet with every vile thing you say, your numbers get a bump
Mr. Trump!

…You’re a schmuck!

Trump has built his entire campaign on hate and fear mongering. The negativity and Islamaphobia he spreads makes him a perfect modern day Grinch. While some inbred racists are jumping on the Trump bandwagon, the rest of the world isn’t buying it. While I can’t imagine a modern-day Cindy Lou Who swooping down and warming that ice box of a heart Trump has.


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