WATCH: George W. Bush’s Truth Bomb: You Don’t Have To Be Smart To Be President (VIDEO)

Since sending America into a free fall economically and leaving two wars he started, at least one on lies and misinformation, George W. Bush has remained out of the spotlight for the bulk of his post-presidency. Recently however, Bush has slowly crawled out from under his rock  emerged back into the limelight making a few comments about middle eastern affairs and now showing up to deliver the commencement at Texas’s Southern Methodist University.

See Bush “yuck it up” with the SMU graduates HERE:

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The college is the one that houses the former president’s official library which is what allegedly drew Bush out from the shadows. He enjoys a very active relationship with the university behind the scenes via his library and institution that are housed there. Bush is also the first person to give a 2nd commencement address at SMU.  He gave his first there in 1999 before becoming “Decider In Chief.”

In this clip, Bush does admittedly live up to his reputation as a “average Joe” personality wise, despite being born with about the shiniest silver spoon in the drawer.  Bush himself was legacied into Yale where he barely squeaked by. From there he miraculously passed over many deserving “A and B” students and was admitted to Harvard Business School where he graduated with a master’s degree. There are no reports on where all the kids he stepped over to get into either Yale or Harvard ended up.

Professionally, Bush continued his stumble to the top by driving at least 3 oil companies into the ground in oil rich Texas while other companies boomed. He also was accused of several criminal activities related to the businesses but those charges mysteriously disappeared without a trace during his father’s tenure in the White House.

Then he really showed his business savvy by nearly wrecking the Texas Rangers baseball organization.

The logical path from there of course was to become the president and drive us into economic collapse and perpetual war.

After all that, he now comes back triumphantly to announce to the graduates that it’s not about what you know it’s who you know, at least in the Bush world. For the graduates, most of whom live in a harsher – more real world, they will probably need to rely on more on what they know and what they’ve actually achieved rather than their “connections.”

In George’s world this “punchline” is unfortunately  the reality and as 2001-2009 taught us, such policy harms us all in very profound and long lasting ways.

Those of you who are graduating this afternoon with high honors, awards and distinctions, I say well done. And as I like to tell the ‘C’ students, you too could be president.

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