Funny or Die Animation Showing Why Donald Trump Should Never Be President (VIDEO)

Real estate tycoon and chagrined laughingstock, Donald Trump, ended his status as being everyone’s favorite pretend presidential candidate, to now officially becoming a 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate. He’s never held any pubic office before and his claim to fame is firing people on national television, but yet he’s determined to share the same residence as such luminaries as Abraham Lincoln, FDR, and Teddy Roosevelt. For a man who’s widely known for being on reality TV, the last thing he understands is reality.

Now, even the most casual political observer knows that a majority of the gazillion Republicans running for president are doing it solely to sell books and increase name recognition. But since Trump has better name recognition than a Kardashian, one truly has to wonder what on earth makes this man think he can be president. Honestly, maybe that thing on his head is causing brain damage or something.

The Donald Trump parody, “Donald Trump’s Presidential Words of Wisdom,” is designed to show how utterly ridiculous this man is and why mocking is all the man should receive.

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