Watch Fox News Turn Great News About Jobs Into Bad News About Obama Before Your Eyes (VIDEO)

This was nothing short of a classic Fox moment.  As the segment on the jobs report for January began, the producers thought it would be a good idea to try to bash the Obama administration with the headline “Unemployment Ticks Up To 5.7%.”

Then it happens.  Nicole Petallites, economic analyst from Fox sister network Fox Business, comes on and shatters their dreams of another Obama “failure.”  It seems the unemployment rate “ticking up” is actually good news:

The increase in the unemployment rate to 5.7%, an increase from 5.6%, well that’s OK, and I’ll explain why.  That’s because Americans are getting back into the workforce, and that’s great news.

Petallites goes on to tell the haters at Fox “News” that there is very little about the economy right now to be upset about.  The jobs report shows another great month, with three-month totals the best we’ve seen in seventeen years.  The market is up.  Consumer confidence is up.  Wages are up.  It seems the policies the President has implemented against incredible odds and a racist, obstructionist right-wing are continuing to pay off.

Before she can finish her report producers again put the tagline “Jobless Rate Ticks Up” underneath her, right before she feels the need to mention beautiful women of Sports Illustrated and how much the guys will enjoy them.

After the report they cut back to the imbeciles on the couch, who are obviously beside themselves.  Steve “Dooshy” Doocy then feels the need to end the segment by reminding the people who watch for the latest doom-and-gloom about America and Obama why Fox cast-members get a paycheck:

So the headline is ‘Unemployment Rate Ticks UP to 5.7.’

We all know that Fox is a train wreck when it comes to reporting the news.  We also know that they love to twist the truth into what suits them.  It’s not very often we get to watch them turn great news into propaganda before our very eyes.

Thanks, Fox.  Quite a show.

Watch the trainwreck below:

H/T: Media Matters | Image: Screen Capture

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