WATCH: Fox ‘News’ Host Fails Horribly In Comedy Segment Mocking Obama (VIDEO)

Fox “Business News” host, Neil Cavuto, decided to break away from his normal routine of reporting on the economy and discussing business interests by diving into political comedy. It’s possible he might be interested in succeeding Jon Stewart at “The Daily Show,” since it was announced recently that he will be leaving Comedy Central at the end of the year.

Cavuto lashed out at Obama and posed a rhetorical question on air that maybe some of the readers of this article will be able to answer: “Why does Obama blame Fox ‘News’ for everything?”

Pic via Media Matters.

Pic via Media Matters.

Fox started the supposedly funny segment — if you want to call it that (more like an epic failed attempt at sarcasm) — with a series of clips showing Obama over the years talking about Fox in a way that the news network must not have particularly cared for. Cavuto, mocking Obama, said:

I am busted, so busted. Pick a crisis, any crisis: FOX created it.

He then proceeded, tongue in cheek, to name an entire list of events that Fox was responsible for:

This tepid economic recovery? Sorry, Fox ‘News.’

The Housing meltdown that proceeded it? You guessed it, Fox ‘News.’

The JFK assassination? That was a Fox ‘News’ guy in the grassy knoll.

Then, the attempt at humor just kept getting worse, and worse. The ending was just awkward. 

We will spare you listing everything that was said here. That’s because Cavuto spent several minutes naming everything under the sun that they were supposedly “responsible for,” when they could have spent that time actually being funny.

Sorry to break this to you, but you’re not taking Jon Stewart’s place on “The Daily Show” anytime soon.

Fox should leave comedy to the professionals.

Watch this epic fail here:

H/T: Ad Week | Featured Image: Obama on The Daily Show

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