Watch: Enough Is Enough. My Response To Joshua Feuerstein (VIDEO)

Joshua Feuerstein’s recent video response to the Supreme Court decision has gone viral with over 1.6 million views on Facebook. In this video, Feuerstein insists that the landmark decision on gay marriage will usher in the Christian Holocaust where any Christian who speaks out against gay marriage will be herded into “Obama concentration camps.” But, this article is not about him. As self-serving as it may seem, this article is about my response to him. I had no choice. I absolutely had to do it.

Feuerstein’s accusations are almost as ridiculous as the intonation he uses to spew his hate-filled and propagandistic rhetoric. To be certain: the Supreme Court clearly addressed the First Amendment freedoms of the religious to maintain their religious based practices and principles. No preacher is going to be forced to perform a gay wedding if his doctrine teaches against it. No parishioner is going to be forced to gay marry if they aren’t gay and give consent. And while it’s actually that simple, Feuerstein has driven his many followers into a “tizzy” of despair and fear of the oncoming Christian Holocaust.

If you need to watch Josh’s video for reference you can click HERE.

Watch My Video Response To Josh Feuerstein


Please note: Ben Dixon did not mean to say “John Fugelsang” at the beginning of this video. We all love John at IYON.

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