WATCH: ‘Election Insurance’ – Now You Can Flee The Country With Peace Of Mind (VIDEO)

April Fool’s Day is known for producing internet gems, but this year has granted us an especially hilarious video from Esurance advertising “Election Insurance.”

You need an insurance company that evolves with you, whether you’re setting down roots to start a new family,” the ad begins, “or uprooting your family to move to Canada” because your candidate lost the election.

Because now more than ever, it’s important to have a smart insurance policy that protects your home in the event that you decide to abandon it for the next four years.

“Every four years, we hear from countless dissatisfied Americans who threaten to leave the country if the ‘wrong’ candidate is elected into office,” Alan Gellman, chief marketing officer at Esurance explained in a press release. “This year, we’re very pleased to announce our newest innovation—Election Insurance. If your preferred candidate loses the election, Esurance will protect your home so you can move out of the country worry free.”

The ad is nonpartisan and doesn’t take sides, preferring instead to take a few jabs at both Republicans and Democrats. A disclaimer at the end reads:

If you chose to leave the country, Esurance is not liable for any walls erected after your departure, and assumes no legal or financial responsibility if your assets are redistributed for the greater good in your absence.”

Watch the hilarious ad here, it is the funniest thing you’ll see today!

Featured image via video screen capture

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