WATCH: ‘Diet Racism’ The Drink For People Who Aren’t Racist, But… (VIDEO)

Very few people admit to being racist but a more subtle kind of racism has invaded America and I’m sure you’ve seen it.

They are the people who say they aren’t racist, but turn conversations about police killing black people into, “black people are the ones killing black people. Why don’t people talk about that?”

They are the people who complain that black people say the “n” word but white people aren’t allowed. They are the people who complain that there is Black History Month but no White History Month; that there are African-American colleges but no white colleges.

Sometimes, the only way to get through to people who think they have the best intentions is with humor and College Humor did just that with its “Diet Racism.”

Diet Racism (the official beverage of the Washington Redskins) is a soda for people who “say sort of racist stuff but stop short of saying the ‘n’ word.” It has “the same sweet ignorance of regular racism but with none of the guilt or self-awareness.”

It’s for people who “don’t directly contribute to oppression but have strong opinions about how other cultures should handle it.”

“For that busy on the go professional who doesn’t have the strength to admit he’s been given at least a slight advantage by being born white.”

While you probably aren’t a “diet racist” you undoubtedly have Facebook friends who are. Share this – maybe it will get through, but probably not. As the video said, self-awareness isn’t their strong suit.

Here’s the video:


Featured image via YouTube video screen capture.

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