WATCH: Construction Worker To O’Reilly’s Paid Troll Calling Him Lazy: ‘You Want To Talk About Work?’

Bill O’Reilly’s favorite pet troll, Jesse Watters made the unfortunate life decision to go out to the streets of New York City to troll hard working unionized construction workers. Because it turns out that the workers were more than a match for the snarky wannabe “journalist.”

“You look like you’re hard at work,” he tells one constructor worker.

Not skipping a beat the worker replied: “You want to talk about work? I’ve seen what you do.”

Oblivious to the dig, Watters continued to prove himself a jerk by harassing another worker. The producer asked him when the project would be completed. “By Christmas,” the worker answered, and Watters sarcastically replied, “Christmas 2019?”

The O’Reilly lackey tried to joke around with one member, but the working man wasn’t playing that sh*t.

How many Teamsters does it take to pave a road?” he asked.

“Thirty-seven,” the Teamster replied, “you got a problem with that?

Watters could not have made a much bigger fool of himself when he asked a member of Ironworkers Local 40 if he could become a member based on his excellent golf skills.  “I work with a lot of iron” out there, he said.

The look of “are you stupid?” on the union member’s face needed no translation anywhere on the globe.

The producers informed the same union member that “O’Reilly can’t get out to his vacation home” because of the traffic. To which the unsympathetic worker replied:

Tell him to stay out there when he gets there.

During the segment, Watters used Italian stereotypes and spliced together nearly every mob film or show reinforcing his disrespect for the union workers.

Watters asked a construction worker whether he “could sit down right here and whistle at women.”

“You can’t do that, we don’t do that anymore,” The worker flatly replied.

The best question came toward’s the end of the segment when a worker asked Watters, “How long are you going to keep riding O’Reilly coattails?”

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