WATCH: Comedian Completely ANNIHILATES Fictitious ‘Reverse Racism’ In Just 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

Comedian Aamer Rahman perfectly nailed the absurdity of “reverse racism,” a concept many ignorant people think is a real thing.

At the beginning of the video, Rahman explains how he’s always approached by angry white critics who make the argument that if they were to tell jokes about non-white people in the same manner that the comedian told jokes about white people, that they would be considered racist. Rahman confesses that he agreed with that observation. At which point, the critics would ask him if that was reverse racism.

What is reverse racism?

Conservatives believe that reverse racism takes place when a minority discriminates against a member of the majority race. Classic examples of reverse racism usually involve black discrimination against white people, but can also include discrimination from any other minority toward white people.

This term first appeared in 1966, when Hosea Williams, a member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) accused members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) of discriminating against whites in their efforts to replace local white government officials with blacks.

Reverse racism became a more common phrase during the 1970s when affirmative action policies became a hot-button issue regarding race relations in America.

But Rahman brilliantly explained how reverse racism would work, if it were real. First here’s the video followed by a transcript via Vox.

I could be a reverse racist if I wanted to.

All I would need would be a time machine. Now what I’d do is I’d get in my time machine and go back in time to before Europe colonized the world, right? And I’d convince the leaders of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and from South America to invade and colonize Europe, right? Just occupy them, steal their lands and resources, set up some kind of like, I don’t know, trans-Asian slave trade, where we exported white people to work on rice plantations in China.

Just ruin Europe over the course of a couple of centuries, so all of their descendants would want to migrate out and live in the places where black and brown people come from.

But of course, in that time I’d make sure I set up systems that privilege black and brown people at every conceivable social, political, and economic opportunity. White people would never have any hope of real self-determination.

Just every couple of decades, make up some fake war as an excuse to go and bomb them back to the stone age, and say it’s for their own good because their culture is inferior. And then, just for kicks, subject white people to colored people’s standards of beauty, and [they’ll] end up hating the color of their own skin, eyes, and hair.

If after hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years of that, I got onstage at a comedy show and said, “Hey, what’s the deal with white people? Why can’t they dance?” that would be reverse racism.

Rahman exposes the fatal flaw inherent in the theory of reverse racism. For true racism to take place the discriminating party would belong to a group of people who hold power and influence over the group that the person being discriminated against belongs to. In other words, racism has more to do with the power dynamic between different races than discriminatory actions taken by any one individual.

Rahman’s explanation is sure to leave many conservatives frothing at the mouth, which indicates that he told the absolute truth.

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