WATCH: Colbert ROASTS The Donald’s Effort To Woo Evangelicals, Saying That His Book Is Second To Theirs

Stephan Colbert is not one to miss an opportunity to poke fun at a political candidate, especially the grandiose and grating Donald Trump. On his show Thursday night, Colbert pointed out that Trump may be biting off a little, ok, a lot, more than he can chew with Evangelicals — Trump is just plain ill-equipped to pursue them.

Trump may have realized that even though Sarah Palin draws the Evangelical vote to her chosen candidates she just may be too vacuous even for the man who says nothing, ever, yet speaks all the time. His visit to Uber Conservative Liberty University included an entirely awkward attempt to woo the Evangelicals without the asinine Palin at his side. Trumps clumsy attempts to act the part of an Evangelical Christian actually includes him calling his book The Art Of The Deal as a “deep second to the Bible.”

Watch the hilarious and well-deserved destruction of the inept attempt by Donald Trump to compare his book to the only book evangelicals really love, though may not have actually read here:

Feature image via screen capture from Youtube


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